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Claire Stael

Claire Stael (° 1955) born in Roeselare and licensed physiotherapist, started painting in 2003. She was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts in Anderlecht and currently has her studio in Brussels.

Her abstract work is very expressive and simplifies impressions from nature and daily life into stratified layering, irregular textures applied in stripes or simply colour on linen structure.

The artist is very subject to the seasonal changes and therefore works with different color palettes. In recent works she lets the light reflect through a subtle game of powerful, vibrating colors that are intertwined with each other and creates an intense and emotional result.

The abstract work of Claire Stael is predominantly monochrome colour. Luminant colours, giving a revealing clarity and openness to the canvas which she is editing. A square where strenght is being unleashed. The colour takes the viewer who observes. It deepens and is able tot give an optimism: the light seems to come from the canvas.

The artist exhibits in Belgium and abroad.

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